Calix I Baratheon
5. Calix Baratheon
Calix I
Title(s) King
Number III
Rule 12/26/2012 - 06/26/2013
182 days
Also Known As Calix the Invalid
Royal House Baratheon
Hand Rupert Tully
Predecessor Aemon I
Heir Robert Baratheon II
Successor Dexter I
Biographical Information
Born -
Entered Kingdom 08/24/2012
Death 06/26/2013
306 days
Abandoned Kingdom -
Color Opal Satin
Genes ddsasa
Sex Male
Species Campbell

Calix of the House Baratheon the First of His Name, III King of the Andals and the First Dwarf Hamsters, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


Calix Baratheon is the third husband of Lola I. He gets along with Lola I because he is very tranquil, as Queen Lola I is very aggressive.

He was appointed Hand of the King on September 15, 2012 by his wife, Lola I, when Aemon I suffered a severe fall that could potentially have killed him, but did not.

Once he discovered that Aemon I planned his wife's assassination he almost killed him, and in the process took one of the King's toe so he would never forget. However, he was still left as Hand of the King under Aemon I in order to keep the peace. He maintained the Kingdom for most of the time, as Aemon I was busy trying to create an heir to the Throne. Which he was trying to stop so he would become the next King.


During his rebellion along with the aide of his kids and Myrcella I and Rupert Tully he was able to over throw the Targaryen dynasty.


Calix I is the father of [[Ophelia I Baratheon|Ophelia I] who gave him 4 grandchildren. Like his original heir Robert Baratheon died and he does not have anymore male children his heir was Medgar Baratheon, who had the Tully name from his alleged father and Hand of the King Rupert Tully. However, Calix I would like to have a Baratheon to claim the Throne after him therefore his heir is Robert Baratheon II.



  • Calix I (ddsasa)

Spouse(s) & Children:

Lola I (aaddMo)

Myrcella I (pp - d)

Phenotype Percent
Agouti (A - p d sa) 50%
Opal (dd - p sa) 50%
Genotype p dp
dsa A - p d sa dd -  p sa
  1. Renly Baratheon (A - p d sa)
  2. Ophelia I (dd -  p sa)
  3. Robert Baratheon (A - p d sa)
  4. Cornelia Baratheon (dd -  p sa)

Ophelia I (dd - p)

Phenotype Percent
Opal (dd) 100%


d dp
dsa dd - sa dd - p sa
  1. Robert Baratheon II (dd - sa ? p)
  2. Mary Baratheon (dd - sa ? p)
  3. Sarin Baratheon (dd - sa ? p)

Zora Baratheon (ddpp - ? sa)

Phenotype Percent
Opal (dd - p sa) 100%
Genotype dp
dsa dd - p sa

Family Tree

Calix I Baratheon Family Tree


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